The Metro Mayor is a completely new role with detailed responsibilities that are still being developed. I am clear that the Metro Mayor can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Together, we can harness the spirit, skills and knowledge of people from across the region to ensure it’s a healthy and happy place to live for everyone. That is why I am asking for your help in deciding how it can best listen to, involve and make the best use of all our talents. These are my commitments to you, please help me develop the policies that will make them a reality. Sign up for one of my policy develop groups on the Get Involved page.

I will be a Mayor who will listen.
As Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree I have learned to value the experiences and ideas of the people I work with and the community I represent. It’s absolutely vital that a Mayor listens and is accountable to party members, to stakeholders and our communities across our region.
I believe that together, we can remove the barriers that prevent our region and its people achieving their full potential.
We’re the only region in Europe that is divided by bridges and tunnels that are a cost to our people and businesses. I believe one of the biggest challenges for our Mayor will be to remove all the obstacles that prevent us from realising our region’s extraordinary potential.
Let’s punch our collective weight on the world stage.
Our region has a global reach and a global reputation. We have given birth to pioneering social reformers, cutting-edge technology, world-changing culture as well as creating successful global business like Unilever, Pilkington’s and ICI. In an increasingly competitive world, I want to give our region an edge, and once again become a place that sets standards and breaks new ground.
Together, we can make a happy, healthy and beautiful region for us all.
We are a region with outstanding natural assets, unique architectural heritage and a history of innovation in public health and housing. Yet far too many families across the region live in poor quality housing, shop, work and play in poor physical environments or experience ill-health. I will ensure that they too share our vision for prosperity and inclusion.
Together, we can deliver change and make a difference to everyone in our region.
We are an inventive, resilient and resourceful region. We have the collective talents and the shared Labour values that will enable us succeed in the face of austerity and a heartless Tory government.


There are lots of ways you can get involved, from spreading the word to family and friends who are Labour Party members, through joining our phone bank to speak to Labour Party members across our region, to contributing your ideas and your time. You can also donate and support the campaign by adding a twibbon to your social media here.

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